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Take Your Game to the Next Level

Our mission is to help athletes reach their goals and maximize their development whether that's making their school team or preparing for their next NBA season

The Vision

Our vision is to create a lasting impact by providing the most efficient and effective training programs for basketball players who desire to play high school, college & professional levels. We want to build up players to be leaders on the court, in the classroom and in their communities.

Developing elite basketball players

We use game like drills in combination with a focus on building technique and gaining application through small sided games to build up a player's entire skill set. Players will improve their shooting, footwork, finishing, ball-handling and decision making and maximize their play on the court. In addition to that we will work to improve their confidence and basketball IQ so we don't neglect the mental side of the game.

Be Different In Your Approach

You have to be better or you have to be different. If you're both you're unstoppable

Developing elite basketball players is our goal, but our overall objective is to develop Profound young men & women who go on to be profound individuals in all other areas of life once their basketball playing days come to an end.


We teach decades of basketball wisdom in each training session and help athletes graduate to another degree of fulfillment from the game.


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Group Training


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